Networking Conference: Board Risk Blindness

The Airmic/Cass Business School report "Roads to Ruin" .....investigates the origins and impact of over twenty major corporate crisis over the last decade. The report gives a rich source of lessons to be learned, and defines seven key risk areas .....that can pose an existential threat to any firm that fails to recognize and manage them.
Dato: 06. november 2013, 14.00 - 18.00
Tema: Board Risk Blindness
Sted: Hotel Continental, Oslo
Innledere: John Hurrell, C.E.O. AIRMIC
Pat Cleverly, Director of Research, Strategy and Policy, Tomorrows Company
Panel: Svein Rennemo, Grace Skaugen, Olaug Svarva andThomas Wilhelmsen
For: Alle medlemmer og inviterte gjester
Type: Konferanse

 One of the top risks defined in the report "Roads to Ruin" is

  • Board risk blindness - the failure of boards to engage with important risks,
    including risks to reputation and 'licence to operate', to the same degree that
    they engage with rewards and opportunity

To explore what boards can do to avoid "risk blindness", The Norwegian Institute of Directors have invited distinguished speakers on both national and international levels to share their experience on how boards deals with risk management, as well as exchanging views and thoughts on this new risk landscape.

Preliminary program:

14.00 Welcome speech

14.05 "Why do Boards fail to engage with key risks, and how to recover?" John Hurrell, CEO of AIRMIC will present the 7 key risk areas defined in the report "Roads to Ruin", and also give a sneak peak at their slightly more optimistic report "Roads to Resilience".

14.30 «Board Room and Risk.» Pat Cleverly, Director of Research, Strategy and Policy, Tomorrows Company, presents Tomorrows Company's newly launched guide and toolkit for corporate boards.

15.00 "Inside Norwegian Board rooms - dealing with risk issues". Svein Rennemo, Grace Skaugen, Olaug Svarva og Thomas Wilhelmsen will share their experience, views and thoughts on risk management from a boards perspective. Opening remarks by Svein Rennemo.

15.30 Concluding remarks

15.40 Mingling and refreshments



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