Ny styreveiledning om interessentengasjement og involvering

Som en del av sin Corporate Governance-pakke, annonserte den britiske regjeringen i slutten av september en ny styreveiledning om interessentengasjement og involvering; The Stakeholder Voice in Board Decision Making.

Veiledningen, som er utarbeidet av ICSA (The Governance Insitutet) og The Investment Association i Storbritannia, presenterer 10 konkrete anbefalinger på tema:

  1. Boards should identify, and keep under regular review, who they consider their key stakeholders to be and why.
  2. Boards should determine which stakeholders they need to engage with directly, asopposed to relying solely on information from management.
  3. When evaluating their composition and effectiveness, boards should identify whatstakeholder expertise is needed in the boardroom and decide whether they have, or would benefit from, directors with directly relevant experience or understanding.
  4. When recruiting any director, the nomination committee should take the stakeholder perspective into account when deciding on the recruitment process and the selection
  5. The chairman – supported by the company secretary – should keep under review the adequacy of the training received by all directors on stakeholder-related matters, and the induction received by new directors, particularly those without previous board experience.
  6. The chairman – supported by the board, management and the company secretary should determine how best to ensure that the board’s decision-making processes give sufficient consideration to key stakeholders.
  7. Boards should ensure that appropriate engagement with key stakeholders is taking place and that this is kept under regular review.
  8. In designing engagement mechanisms, companies should consider what would be most effective and convenient for the stakeholders, not just the company.
  9. The board should report to its shareholders on how it has taken the impact on key stakeholders into account when making decisions.
  10. The board should provide feedback to those stakeholders with whom it has engaged, which should be tailored to the different stakeholder groups.

 Les mer om anbefalingene her:  "The Stakeholeder Voice in Board Decicison Making"

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